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Stop by and enjoy some amazing local treats. Refuel while out on your ride, run or walk! From Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters, we have fresh coffee, Espresso, and on tap, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee. MADE coffee is canned Nitro, Lemo Made & Con Leche to take with you on the go. You won't be able to resist the vegan/gluten-free donuts & brownies from HaleLifebakery. Grab a bottle of Mother Kombucha, a delicious alternative to soda. CPC Coffee Bar, so many choices!


Roasting premium coffee from around the world for over a decade. Our customers can select from over 20 single origin coffees. Additionally, we have over 20 coffee flavors and blends. Any of our flavored coffee can be custom made as decaf. We can package all of our coffees into single serve k-cups to brew at home.

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We brew small batch living kombucha hand crafted from fair trade organic teas, tisanes and natural flavors. Rich with probiotics, beneficial amino acids and antioxidants – our kombuchas make a delicious alternative to sugary sodas and juices. And because we believe that things that are good for you should also taste great – we create flavors that enhance and build upon the natural acidity and tartness of kombucha rather than trying to hide it. The result is crisp, effervescent and invigorating. Available throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Embrace the Ferment!

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We offer a wide variety of gluten-free and vegan baked goods to help you enjoy the foods you once loved. Cupcakes,brownies,  donuts and more! Yes, we know that these foods are not known to be "healthy", but we do know that removing certain ingredients from your diet does make you feel healthier.HaleLife is about embracing the evolution & journey to a healthy lifestyle. Each of us travel on our own path of discovering how to live healthy. Some take an immediate path of removing harmful foods but many have a much slower journey to discovering the best diet to achieve optimal health. With that being said, our baked goods will always be free of gluten, dairy, soy, egg and there will be many options for those of you with additional diet restrictions too. So come on in, try a baked good, and see just how tasty haling life can be.

aleLife Website

Our dream started while searching for an answer to a question “Why am I drinking scalding hot coffee in the Florida heat?”. Our founder, Michael Rideout, wanted an answer and thus began the search for a brew with that perfect combo of taste, refreshment and energy. Set the scene in early 2015. We began with humble beginnings of Cold Brew and Nitro Brew poured from taps on the back of a coffee bike. Our product was on draft at local bars and restaurants…but we needed more.

Was the answer a Cold Coffee Cafe? No, there had to be another way. A way to bring the product to the Florida masses. Our first love was beer, so taking a que from our brewery friends, Mike partnered with St. Petersburg fabricator Brew Fab to design a proprietary brew system built for high volume production without a compromise in quality.

Next, we needed a home for this equipment. Build-out on our production facility, affectionately dubbed “The Cannery” began in late 2016. Months of branding decisions and vendor sourcing later, our Cannery was completed and “Florida’s Original Canned Cold Brew” was born. We now roast, brew and CAN our coffee in this production facility in the downtown district of St. Petersburg, FL. Why the can? All about convenience. Cans are welcome anywhere, the boat, the gym, the beach. Why the name Made? We wanted to embrace the process. Our journey has been hands-on from the beginning and we will continue with that mantra in mind.

With a brew system from Florida, a roaster from Idaho and a canning line from Colorado, we’ve assembled the best our country has to offer. Our promise is unwavering: Source, roast, brew and package only the best in specialty coffee and never falter in taste. Our focus is clear: make quality cold coffee perfect for an active, warm weather lifestyle and bring it {conveniently} to our Florida community. Above all, we are Made for Florida.